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About the Captain

The Captain GThey say necessity is the mother of invention. Well that is true regarding Captain Garage Door! I have been in the garage door industry for fifteen years and have witnessed so many people being taken advantage of by dishonest businesses in this industry. From convincing people that they need parts that they really do not to charging an older citizen more because they can.


Here at Captain Garage Door, we have taken a vow not to do business this way. In fact, if it something simple that you may be able to fix yourself, then we offer you help to do this by checking out our “Troubleshooting” tab. Our philosophy is that if we can save you a few dollars by not needing a service call, then you will certainly remember to call the Captain when you encounter a problem with your garage door that you just can't seem to fix yourself-believe me it happens! It's about doing the right thing!


I have been in the garage door business in the Charlotte and Triad area since 1997 and have gained a thorough knowledge of the trade and a sincere desire to operate a helpful and honest business that you would not hesitate to refer to your friends and family. Check out our “Referral” program, I think that you will see that we are serious about gaining your confidence so that you would be comfortable in referring the Captain! We are locally owned and proud to be a part of the Triad. We offer the broadest selection of garage doors for your convenience! If you don't see the door you love on our site, contact us, chances are we can get that special garage door you want!


It's time for a change! It's time for CAPTAIN GARAGE DOOR! Thanks!

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